Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The laws governing real estate are complex. An experienced real estate lawyer can cut through the complications and help you get results you desire. Mulkey, Forbes, Reid & Barton, PLC has helped the people in the Hampton Roads area with:

  • Closings: mortgages, deeds, title insurance, etc;
  • Construction and Development: land use, zoning, etc.
  • Purchase and Sale: loans, secured transactions, etc.
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Residential Transactions
  • Commercial and Residential Leases

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in real estate matters. Performing an exceptional job in real estate matters requires having specialized knowledge of many laws.

We are known for the personal touch we extend to our clients, always making sure that they are comfortable and fully aware of their legal status. Even in a field as seemingly impersonal as real estate law, what we are really doing is helping people. No matter how our law firm grows, we never lose sight of that.

Real Estate Attorneys

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