1. How will I be kept informed of my case?
    Your case will be managed by a member of our staff and we welcome your direct contact if you have any questions as to the progress, conclusion or billing of the matter.

  2. What do I do when I have a question?
    Please call our office number (757-595-9500) and request to speak directly with the member of our staff that is managing the case.

  3. What will the legal service cost?
    The costs of your case will be discussed with your assigned attorney and will be included in the representation agreement along with billing information.

  4. What information do you need from me in order to get started?
    For your initial consult, you will be instructed on the items that will be required.

  5. How do I get started?
    Contact our office at 757-595-9500 and our staff will direct you to the attorney that handles the type of case.

  6. What about special office hours?
    Early and late appointments can be arranged on request.
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